Just simple “notsosimple” coffee 16 oz

Served Hot or Iced

Frenchie (Latte) 

American Bulldog (Americano)

Maple the Force Bee With You (Maple Latte)

To Bee or not to Bee (Honey Latte)

Ezra (Caramel Latte)

Iced Raspberry Tail (Iced Macchiato, Raspberry Syrup, Fresh Raspberries)

Dirty Bee (Dirty Chai Latte with Honey)

Iced Espresso Mojito Tail (Espresso, Soda, Mint, Syrup, Mint Leaves)

Herschel (Nutella, Caramel, Marshmallow Latte)

Sally (Seasonal Pumpkin and Spice Latte)

Bee Fancy :

Almond Milk

Add honey, maple or maple cream


Fresh Tapped 12 oz Nitro Cold Brew

Nitro Cold Brew

Nitro Cold Brew with Maple Cream


Milky Ways & Icy Stuff 16 oz

#Bulligmade Flavor of the Week Iced Tea

#Bulligmade Infused Water

Fizzy Strawberry Lemonade

Icy glass of Milk



Wafflewich – 

Early Dog (Grilled pimento cheese, bacon)

The Bullig (Bacon, cheese, tomato, avocado, poached egg, arugula)

Schollchen (Roast Beef, cheese, horseradish sauce, au jus)

Bee*itch (Avocado, poached egg, chickpeas, tomato)

That’s All (with butter flakes and choice of maple syrup or honey)

Seriously!?! (Sweet grilled cheese waffle with raspberries, nutty chocolate spread, brie)


Truffle Waffle (Mushrooms, truffle oil, parmesan, arugula)



May’bee (Maple chicken salad, almonds, arugula)

Who Pooped the Waffle? (Chocolate nutty spread, almonds, strawberries)

Tail Wagg’n (Bacon & Maple)

Pegan Pie (Peanut butter, bacon, honey, pecans, banana)

Fire in the Bubble (Buffalo sauce, chicken breast, bacon, coleslaw)


Bee Fancy and add:

Side salad

Mixed fruit cup



COMING SOON: Oma’s Fluffy (steamed) Buns

My Fav (Juicy Blueberries, BaconBites, Brown Butter) 

Dad’s Fav (Juicy Blueberries, Homemade Vanilla Sauce) 


Healthy? Yes We Can. Go green and bee Bowlig.


Gilly in China Town (greens, kale, sliced almonds, mandarine oranges, sesame dressing)

Gilly Hang’n in the Keys (greens, strawberries, avocado, bleu cheese, dried cranberries, almonds, balsamic dressing)


Beebs Bowl (Quinoa bowl, avocado, tomato, red onion, almonds, dried cranberries, cucumber, hummus, poached egg)

Frenchie Onion Soup

Soup of the Day, Cup or Bowl

Bee fancy and add:

Grilled Chicken
Roast Beef
Chicken Salad
Poached Egg
Bleu Cheese Crumbles



Apple Streusel (Apple Crumble with caramel drizzle)

Beebs Mouth Wooby (Toasted Banana Bread, Fresh Strawberries, chocolate nutty spread)

Thisisit (toasted banana bread with butter)

BEEscotti (Biscotto with honey)

Mom’s notacupcake cupcake (Chocolate hazelnut poundcake)


Tom’s Secret Recipe (Overnight oatmeal chia smoothie mason Jar) 

Mom’s Carrot Cake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting

Omas notakeylimepie Pie (no-bake cream cheese lime pie)


Weekly Specials Also Available