Inspired By…

…an endless search for my favorite coffee, honey, treats and my version of the American Dream. As a child living in Germany, I fell in love with the USA during our family vacations. We called Cape Coral our second home, but to me, it was my first love.

I always knew I wanted to end up in Florida.  In a twist of fate after an unexpected emergency surgery, I decided it was time to seize the day.  2017 would be the year my French Bulldog Gilly and I made this dream come true.

With my love of the US and my passion for a great cup of coffee, I built my dream right here in Fort Myers. Amazingly, this would also lead me to the love of my life. I guess some things are just meant to be.


The Journey

At bullig, we strive to fuel the goal of making each day count by mixing our love of family, the aroma of good coffee, and tasty bites to satisfy any hunger. For years, while living with my Grandma “Oma”, she taught me the importance of using the best ingredients and how to keep a little whimsy in our cooking.

As a going away present, she bestowed her handwritten cookbook to me and kissed me good luck. With Oma’s cookbook, I worked side by side with my Mom, Monika, and we created “Germerican” foods.  Paired with delicious coffee from international roasters, bullig was born.

We think every day about the things and people we love. What do we love? Family. Denim. Waffles. Coffee. Chocolate. (…and some healthy bites, too!) The result is love in every cup, on every plate, in every heart. Life is too short to drink bad coffee and eat boring food.  Come be part of our dream and see why you should never give up on what fuels you.


– Sabrina, Owner and Founder